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My web content pricing combines world class copywriting with evidence-based on-page SEO.

Hedgehog with money for pricing of hedgehog content

These rates are per word, and they’re highly competitive for brands, personalities and marketing companies that want to invest in data-driven web content.

Data + SEO + Copywriting

My Per Word Rate ZAR

R5.00 /pw

My Per Word Rate GBP

£0.27p /pw

My Per Word Rate USD

$0.35c /pw

Included in the price

Website content that is evidence-based, performs better over time. It amplifies your marketing initiatives and converts more traffic on your website.
Industry data informed keyword research helps me accelerate and extend your marketing reach
That means more customers, more often

web content Package Options

Timber Wolf Package

The 5 Page Website
$ 595
once off
  • 500 word homepage
  • 350 word about page
  • 350 word services page
  • 350 word client page
  • 200 word contact page
  • 1750 optimized words!

Silver Fox Package

The 10 Page Website
$ 1295
once off
  • 800 word homepage
  • 350 word about page
  • 350 word services page
  • 6x 350 word interior pages
  • 200 word contact page
  • 3800 optimized words!
Small Biz

Gold Lion Package

The 20 Page Website
$ 2685
once off
  • 800 word homepage
  • 2x 500 word core pages
  • 2x 500 word interior pages
  • 14x 350 word interior pages
  • 200 word contact page
  • 7900 optimized words!
Fast growth biz

Diamond Hedgehog Package

Custom Large Website
$ 3400
  • 2500 word homepage
  • 1000 word about page
  • Various interior pages
  • 10,000 words
  • 20,000 words
  • 30,000+ words
Big Business

What Do You Mean Only Website Copy?

I only create website page content.

I do not create sundry marketing materials, social media posts, emails, newsletters, or anything else copywriting related. I don’t market the content at any stage – that is up to your marketing team. I only create evidence-based website page content.

Low Wordcount Technical Work


Long term monthly clients will, on occasion, be charged for an hour or two of additional strategy work. This is common for things like short form landing pages, where the wordcount is low but the strategic time investment is high.

Development of templates, content strategies and sundry materials may also come at an additional cost, if the wordcount for the project is low.

The exact amount of hours will be confirmed before any work is done, in line with my set cost structure.

Will you be one of my blog clients?

The Only Blog Package

So, your brand, hotel or restaurant needs a blogger to create some killer blog posts for your various platforms. Due to limited capacity, I only take on a few blog clients every year.

Technology, marketing, self-help, business, medicine, education and finance are my favourite niches, and I’m especially good at reaching a Millennial audience.

Copyhog Blog Partner

Premium Ghostblogging
$ 1360
per month
  • 4x 1000 word posts
  • conversion optimized headlines
  • meta data included
  • researched and accurate
  • keyword targeted
  • calls to action
  • in-line with your strategy
  • 4000 optimized words!
*These are for optimized posts only, promotion of the posts must be assigned to your digital marketing team.