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In this context content refers to copy, the basis of all online content.

Homepage content

The content that is created for the introductory page of your website.
  • Homepage content is the first content your customer sees when they visit your website
  • Your homepage is the most visited page on your website, and the most important
  • Great homepages have high conversion headlines, clear copy and calls to action
  • A homepage should invite your visitors to explore your website
  • Your homepage should communicate your credibility with social proof

Your homepage content sets the tone for your brand online.

It should communicate your brand message, your style and what you have to offer your visitors.

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Blog content

The content that is created for your personal or brand blog.
  • Blog content creation should be one of your top content marketing priorities for 2019
  • The average blog post takes 3.5 hours to write (excluding editing)
  • Blogs significantly enhance the likability, authority and educational value of your brand
  • Posts that are longer than 2000 words and take more than 6 hours to write, have the best ROI
  • Consistency is the secret to building a blog readership fast

Your blog content becomes the voice of your brand online.

It should communicate who you are and what you know, with quality, educational content.

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E-course content

The content that is created for your educational online course.
  • An e-course is a long-term, high value asset for your brand
  • E-course content should be geared towards effective learning in small doses
  • It must be built on a highly researched plan and learning design
  • You should have achievable learning outcomes for each student module
  • The best e-courses quickly and easily train users without any third-party involvement

Your e-course content educates your customers, employees or students.

It should leave your students energised, ignited and inspired from the experience.

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Knowledge base content

The content that is created for your customers, which helps them learn and answers their questions.
  • Knowledge base content includes FAQ’s, whitepapers, case studies, and helpful articles
  • Your brand knowledge base is a powerful SEO and brand asset
  • Done correctly, it effectively reduces customer support and optimizes customer-brand engagement
  • Knowledge base content is critical for growing brands focused on ROI, efficiency and sales
  • A knowledge base consists of multimedia content, the most important of these is video

Your knowledge base content helps educate your repeat customer.

This means less queries, faster support, and stronger relationships overall.

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Landing page content

The content that is created to capture leads or customer information on your website.
  • Landing page content should attract and capture page visitors to grow your email lists
  • An essential element for any competent online marketing campaign
  • Outstanding landing page content should convert more visitors for your brand, more often
  • Your landing page content is excellent for SEO, helping your site rank well
  • Great landing pages convert visitors into paying customers or happy subscribers

Your landing page content converts visitors into buyers.

It should be credible, persuasive and offer real value for your lead.

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Service page content

The content that is created to educate your visitors about your range of services.
  • Your service page content is critically important for your customer
  • It should sum up what you do, or sell, and offer a range of easy-to-understand solutions
  • Conversational, unique content on service pages organically grows your customer base
  • Service page content should inspire absolute trust in your visitor
  • On these pages you should focus on SEO, proof and your specific buyer personas

Your service page content tells your customer what you have to offer them.

It should be optimized, attractive and useful for the searching customer.

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Corporate training content

The content that is created to educate employees, improving their performance, compliance and skillsets.
  • Corporate training content quickly and easily trains employees for the job at hand
  • It introduces new policies, rules and procedures in a learning-friendly format
  • It creates a learning library for your brand which reduces person-to-person training time
  • It allows employees a learning bank to access repeatedly if they need a problem solved
  • It encourages employees to add to your learning library, increasing internal brand value

Corporate training content gives your employees the knowledge they need to perform.

It should be engaging, simple to read or watch, and must follow your brand tone.

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FAQ content

The content that is created to answer the frequently asked questions from your typical customer.
  • FAQ content should help customers answer transactional, informational and locational questions
  • It saves you having to deal with calls, emails and queries about the same things
  • Great FAQ content also communicates your brand tone and personality
  • It directs customers to places on your website or in your online presence that are useful
  • It’s excellent for SEO, and adds to your credibility and authority

Your FAQ Content gives your customer a fast, easy way to get what they need from you.

It should be direct, easy-to-scan, and highly optimized.

Download my FAQ content examples

About page content

The content that is created that teaches your visitors who you are.
  • About page content tells your customer who you are and why you’re their best option
  • It can be a powerful page for attracting clients, links and amplifying SEO
  • This is where you communicate your unique brand story, personal journey or ‘reason why’
  • Your about page should give your customer insight into your brand tone or style
  • It’s where you should personalize and humanize your brand message

Your about page content shows your customer who you are.

It should communicate your brand message, your style and what you have to offer your visitors.

Download my about page content examples

Sales page content

The content that is created to sell a product or service and win you more customers.
  • Sales page content exists to persuade your customer to buy from you, as soon as possible
  • It must have a high conversion rate, so that traffic becomes sales
  • Short form or long form, all sales pages must be perfectly optimized to attract traffic
  • Sales pages must include data, educational content and dynamic media
  • A strong sales page is packed with benefits, and easily convinces your target buyer

Your sales page content works to sell your products or services.

It should be focused, highly optimized for both SEO and conversions, and have strong CTAs.

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Product description content

The content that is created to describe your product’s value to your customer.
  • Product description content is meant to entice, educate and persuade your customer
  • It should be original, entertaining and uniquely in tune with your brand
  • Product descriptions must also be search engine optimized with strong CTAs
  • Built in testimonials will amplify your individual product pages
  • Each product must be focused on a specific buyer segment and moment of purchase

Your product description content must inspire your customers to buy your goods.

It should be a great place to find unique information, images and details on your product.

Download my product description content examples

Video script content

The content that is created when you need structure and direction for website videos.

  • Script content includes powerful concept creation and text to achieve your goal
  • The right script content makes filming, animating or directing easier for film teams
  • It includes scripting for webinars, explainers, YouTube and e-course videos
  • Great script content communicates an idea clearly, quickly and converts your viewer
  • It should feel natural, while still selling to an audience without being overly salesy

Your script content makes it easier to create quality online videos.

It should bring your brand to life for your viewer, simply communicating creative concepts.

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