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Get quality website content from a content marketing expert

Your Homepage

Get performance web content for your brand's homepage

Your About Page

Get an amazing brand story to communicate who you are

Your Service Pages

Get unique service page content that promotes and sells for you

Your Specialist Pages

Get high conversion web content for landing pages and more

How Good Is Your Web Content?

It doesn't

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It could be better! A lot better.

It should attract visitors, and convert them into qualified leads or paying customers. Otherwise, what’s the point!

Performance content combines data insight, SEO and copywriting to make sure the words on your business website help you achieve your goals.

Data + SEO + Copywriting = Smart Content

Market Insight​

Web content built for your competitive market with data insights​

On-Page SEO

Web copy organically optimized for search-intent and keyword ranking​

Conversion Optimized

Performance-enhanced website content ramps up your conversions ​

Powerful Copywriting

Award-winning copy that tells your story and inspires your audience

Performance-enhanced website copy works on 4 levels for your business:
  • It uses market intelligence to understand your online competitors
  • It uses on-page optimization for keyword phrases that attract traffic
  • It uses modern tools to amplify content conversion potential
  • It uses powerful copywriting techniques that prompt action
Smart content is website copy that works for your brand!

Hmmm, smart content sounds interesting!

Here's the scoop on my web content writing service

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Why Invest in Quality Web Content?

Accelerate Your Marketing

Performance web content supports and enhances your online marketing activities

Avoid Future SEO Penalties

Your high quality content will never suffer from a Google SEO penalty

Create Content Currency

Content that works will earn your brand sales, customers, and long-term equity online

Grow Your Reputation

The right content will ensure that your brand reputation grows steadily in your niche

Convert More Customers

More customers that land on your website will take action, click, subscribe and buy

Tell Better Brand Stories

Engage your customers with a unique brand voice, and stand out among your competitors

Who Needs Web Content Writing?

The best websites on the internet have content that unites organic optimization, market intelligence and powerful brand storytelling, to truly connect with their audiences.

Are you competing on this level?

I offer a specialist service that works in competitive niches. This type of website content creation is fantastic for growing companies who want to rise above their competition, and be unique. 

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Digital Agencies

Digital marketing agencies looking for a top notch SEO copywriter


Large brands looking for an expert on web content and marketing


Celebs and personalities looking to work with a web content expert


Doctors, lawyers and other professionals looking for a copywriter


Start-ups that have no web content and want to do it right

What People are Saying

Okay, let's see some smart content!

Explore my client case studies and work samples

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"61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority."

Who Creates This Performance Content?

I Web Content

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I create high impact web content

that speaks to customers,

and ranks on search engines.

What makes you an expert on web content?

See my expertise and what I've done in the world

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What Does Smart Web Content Cost?

Words that

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You know what sucks? Hourly rates.

There’s too much uncertainty involved. I’m not a fan of surprising clients with a bill that is higher than they expect it to be.

Being upfront and transparent is important for a strong working relationship.

This allows me to better manage my time, and your expectations. It also gives me greater control over my schedule, so that you can reliably get your content on time.

The smart content flat rate covers:

  • Competitor intelligence
  • Marketing insight
  • On-page SEO
  • Website copywriting
  • Content editing
  • Conversion amplification

Best of all, you don’t have to guess what smart content costs. 

It’s right here, in black and white – so that you can plan for success.

Right! Let's see what your web content project is going to cost

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