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My name is Carla Dewing.

I create smart SEO web content for brands in competitive spaces.

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Independent Expert

I own copyhog.com as a full time, independent web content expert

13 Years Experience

I've been working as a content creator since 2006, when social media began

Fully Qualified

I hold a Bachelors Degree in English, Film and Media from the University of Cape Town

Verified Expertise

I ghostwrite bestselling books in the tech and online content space

Remote Pro

Over a decade working with international content teams from all over the globe

My Story

I use market intelligence, SEO and copywriting techniques to create smart content for my clients, so that they can build and sustain a dominant online presence.

In 2009, I opened a copywriting company called Contrast Media and emigrated to the internet.

Since then, I’ve become an educational ghostwriter with a heart for brand storytelling and SEO. Over the years I’ve done some cool stuff, and have worked with some exceptional brands, people and causes.


Now, with Copyhog.com – I help good people get the attention that they deserve online.

"I’m just a copywriter, sitting in front of a search engine, asking it to rank her."


To create optimized content for your brand that helps you rank and retain visibility online.


I value explosive creativity, dynamic logic, sharp originality and bold curiosity.


I deliver high quality educational content, designed to rank well and inspire fanatical loyalty in your customer base.

Living That Content Life

Inclusions in CMI’s Predictions Slideshow

Why a Hedgehog?

Hedgehog for hedgehog content page

Copyhog.com is all about one thing – smart SEO web content.

Not brochures, or print ads, or radio scripts, or social media posts. I focus with piercing clarity on the content that goes onto your business website. And I call that content, Hedgehog Content.  

The Story of Hedgehog Content

I ghostwrite business books, so I always have my nose in one.

One of my favourite lessons comes from Jim Collins classic ‘Good to Great’ – and it’s called The Hedgehog Concept. It’s based on Isaiah Berlin’s insight into an ancient Greek parable.

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”

In his book, Jim explains that business is driven by two kinds of leaders – foxes and hedgehogs.

A fox is notoriously cunning. It has hundreds of different attacks to try and kill a hedgehog. But, because the hedgehog can roll into a spiney ball to defend itself, it survives. No matter what the fox does, it survives. The lesson translates in business –

Foxes leap from idea to idea, they do a lot of different things and are constantly changing direction. Hedgehogs though, pick a thing and work to become the very best at that one, main thing. Because of this, says Jim Collins, Hedgehog businesses have a clear market advantage.

To shift from good to great, according to The Hedgehog Concept, you must arrive at the intersect of three distinct areas –

Splitting the concepts of content and marketing

Content marketing has two elements – content creation, and the marketing of that created content. Both involve strategy to correctly develop.

Great marketers these days are the foxes. They research, and test, and switch tactics – and launch new campaigns all the time. That’s what you want!

But the same can’t be said for brand content. After working in the field for more than a decade, I’ve realised evergreen smart content works best. I call this, hedgehog content. It unifies a single brand message across all media. It clarifies your most advantageous keywords, based on your ‘big thing’.

Hedgehog content is a decisive, long term asset. It should function for the sole goal of converting your customer over time.

In other words, hedgehog content is high quality content that gives your brand a clear market advantage online! My hedgehog content combines SEO, market intelligence and copywriting to blow the clothes off your competition.

I approach client projects with a specific goal, to find what you’re best at – and make you famous for it.

Sure, your digital marketing company hires capable foxes that will create good SEO copy for your website. Full service marketing agencies do a lot of good work.

But good isn’t great.

Good content ages fast. It has no accumulative value. It’s hard to repurpose, and harder to rank. Good content is not good enough.

 At Copyhog.com I’m all about helping you hog the online market for your brand, while unleashing your greatness into the world.

The internet is split into two kinds of content creator – foxes and hedgehogs.

I help you communicate the one big thing that you do better than everyone else.


Be the best in your online market.

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