This is how I create smarter web content for the internet


A great web content writing service will make you the best in your market

It Should Answer

The secret to extraordinary website copywriting lies in the creation process.

This is where many online brands get it wrong

Content and digital marketing agencies do a good job, but copywriters have to hustle through volume to earn a living, and on-page SEO is limited and basic.

The same writers churn out your web content, blog posts, press releases, social media and whitepapers in less than a week.

You can do better than basic

The difference between great web copy and run-o-the-mill web copy is financially jarring.

Brands that invest in great website content, have higher marketing returns overall.

Why choose soggy lettuce when there’s chocolate cake on the table?

Hedgehog with cake drawings indicating smart content is the best content

Business owners invest small fortunes in getting the fanciest, latest website designed for their brand. Then, they slap in some pretty-good website content as an afterthought.

Voila! That’s the same as buying a Ferrari, and putting a Picanto engine under the hood!


It won’t get you where you want to go. 



Optimized, organic website content is a highly effective, long-term marketing strategy


It’s the Ferrari engine you need for online performance! A great web content writing service should have a copy creation process that blows ‘average’ out of the water.

That was my goal when I used my 13 years of content marketing and content creation experience, to build

The Copy Creation Process

5 Steps to Outstanding Website Copy

SEO audit checklist image for content process

#1: The SEO Niche Audit

Included with all website content, is a complete SEO audit of your existing website copy.

On-page optimization research helps me understand how you are currently optimizing your content, and how it can be technically and commercially improved.

I use the finest industry software to analyse your pages, to uncover deep SEO insights that will transform the way you do business online.

  • Page educational value
  • Content quality
  • Media analysis
  • Content UX
  • Layout and formatting
  • Page speed
  • Keyword targeting
  • Page elements optimized
  • Page social value
  • Mobile ready
  • Crawler accessible
  • URL structures
  • Image and media optimization
  • Link structures and networks
  • Meta description
  • Microdata and rich snippets

#2: Competitor Intelligence

The next step is to understand the on-page optimization of your 5-10 closest competitors. You can’t compete in a vacuum, and good optimization means combining competitive intelligence with search intent. This can and does change keyword research.

From here, I map your niche in terms of calls-to-action, keywords, demographics and how you can best attract and convert enough customers to keep your sales climbing.

I analyse each of your competitors and the brand messaging they use to sell. Then I build a proactive angle to set you apart from everyone else.

Competitor intelligence image for content process
Keyword research image for content process

#3: Advanced Keyword Research

At this point, I engage in advanced keyword research. I use multiple tools to create lists of words that will best fit your angle, market and goals.
I use a variety of techniques to identify competitor value for each term, and to locate the keywords with the highest opportunity value in your market.
Organic keywords are purpose-driven, and a lot of strategy goes into deciding how each page is structured and created.  Keywords have the highest impact when search intent is the primary goal.

#4: SEO Copywriting

Once I have finalised my keyword research, I assign the keyword phrases to each defined page and begin SEO copywriting. This involves optimizing each element of your page, so that your brand has the perfect formula for online sales. 

I balance your keyword inclusions with smart copy.

This is where things get creative, and magic happens on the page. Creating compelling copy is about taking the complex, and making it simple.
  • Unique brand messages
  • Powerful headline copy
  • Optimized calls to action
  • Advanced on-page keyword integration
  • Optimized meta descriptions
  • Optimized URLs
  • Copy-and-paste with HTML included - directly from Word to your website!
Copywriting image for content process
Conversion optimization image for content process

#5: Content Optimization

Once your web content has been created, I run it through various software tools for quantitative analysis. Here, I look at the unique numerical data related to emotional value and conversion amplification in your content.
I use the data to edit your web content accordingly, to ramp up the elements of language that improve things like click through rate, likability and page sentiment.
The result is highly optimized content for search engines and people – using the latest AI and machine learning technologies.

How Do I Order Web Content?

My web content writing service is dedicated and unique. I do everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about B-grade copy or bad SEO inhibiting your growth as a brand online.
  • You fill in my web form with your requirements
  • I send you a fixed quote and deadline
  • You pay a 30% deposit to secure schedule space
  • I create your SEO website content and send it to you
  • You get 2 reviews for tweaks and changes
  • Payment is finalised and the project is a success
  • You send me a testimonial

Powerful Copywriting + Data + Advanced SEO = Market Dominance

How is Web Content Delivered?

All content files are created in Microsoft Word, and include HTML, so that you only need to copy and paste the content into your website backend for publication.

These files are clearly named and zipped in a folder, then emailed to you.

Can We Arrange a Meeting With You?

That depends on the project. I work remotely, and to a specific schedule. Over the years, I have found that a clean paper trail is the best possible means of engagement with my clients to maintain an effective workflow.

Unless the project calls for it, I work via text communication only. I am available for a text Skype chat during normal working hours for my clients, or scheduled voice calls on request.

Large brands, special causes and celebrity clients may arrange a face-to-face meeting for long-term partnerships.

A great web content philosophy

Hedgehog space rockets for futuristic smart content

As a website content writer, I’ve picked up some invaluable knowledge over the years writing for Fortune 500 brands and personalities across different niches. Here’s what I’ve learned.

  • Search engine optimization is extremely important, and will be for many years
  • Organic on-page optimization is a highly specialised skill that very few people have mastered. As a result, few companies take advantage of it
  • Your website content shouldn’t sound like anyone else’s content. The internet is flooded with copy-cat sites because copywriters use Google page 1 as their main reference source
  • Using one toolset to inform your content strategy is short-sighted. Multiple toolsets and data points, coupled with intelligent insight deduction, is critical for accurate web content strategy
  • Headlines must always be optimized for emotional value and impact. Again, using one toolset is not enough, and human expertise makes a big difference
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning is here. Why not use big data to develop quality web content that works in your niche? So few brands bother to use quantitative methods to improve their customer communications online
  • Short content is not the best content. While human attention spans are changing, the 8 second myth is just that – a myth. All actual data, points to the fact that longer content is better, for search engines and people. Human attention is selective, efficient and focused on what matters most. Don’t create shorter content, create content of value and purpose
  • The quality of your on-page SEO determines how fast your business will grow online
  • Start-ups are better off with a great website content writing service, than a great web design agency. Web copy is the difference between conversion and dropping leads
  • The more money you bring in online, the more important it is to have great website content