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I’m a professional ghostwriter, with over a decade’s worth of publication credits

What that means, is that I write full length non-fiction books for clients, brands and personalities that are looking to put a serious book together – either for mainstream, or independent publishing.

I’ve been commissioned to write books from clients all over the world, in a host of fascinating niches. I’m best known for my books on social media, online marketing, technology and business.

When personalities in these fields need great research, a fresh angle and quality ideas worthy of places like TedTalks – I’m the writer they hire for the job.

My books are focused on a target demographic, and I use the same data intelligence to amplify their effectiveness in the mainstream market, that I use in my web content.

I have a full portfolio of many successful, bestselling books written in non-fiction niches.

Chat to me if you’re looking for:

  • An evidence-based book writer
  • A book on subjects involving new media, the social internet or technology
  • A book that will establish you as an industry leader
  • A book that you can build a speaking career behind
  • A book on an idea, topic or set of lessons
  • A ghostwriter willing to write for a once-off fee

I make the process of book creation easy for my clients.

  • Full Length Manuscripts
  • E-books
  • Guides

I take on a few select book projects every year. Reach out, if you’d like to work with me.

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