Frequently asked questions on copyhog.com

Hedgehog with rockets for imaginative SEO content

I own copyhog.com, my name is Carla Dewing – you can find out more about me here. I also write under the penn name Hyde Casey.

Contrast Media has reshaped itself into Copyhog.com, a smaller – yet equally as dynamic company that services web content clients all over the world.

Cape Town, South Africa.

Copyhog.com provides evidence-based web content creation services to brands, start-ups and personalities. We create copy for homepage, about us, e-course, knowledge base and blog content areas on your website. For more on our services see our portfolio page.

You can contact me at admin@copyhog.com or carla@copyhog.com.

My prices are negotiable depending on the client and the project itself. Large website content revamps can be negotiated at my discretion. I also offer reduced rates for companies or personalities focused on social good, sustainable development or non-profit work.

If you have a non-profit, or are trying to raise money for a charity – you can apply for free web content here. Please send a cover letter explaining your goals for the content, and depending on my availability I will let you know whether I can help you achieve your goals at no cost.

Yes, I built my career on ghostwriting non-fiction books for personalities in the tech, business, finance and marketing space. If you would like to chat to me about ghostwriting click here.

If you are looking for a content expert with CCO experience, who will lead remote teams and create content from multiple creatives situated in different parts of the world – I do consider select projects. Contact me for film, e-course or e-book creation here.

Yes, to order dynamic copy that isn’t intentionally infused with keywords just request the SEO free rate here.

No writing is outsourced to any third parties or run through any article creation software. All copy is written by Carla Dewing.

Yes, an in-house editor is used to ensure all copy is grammatically correct.

Yes, paid SEO tools are used to source competitor data, for SEO research and keyword discovery so that content will organically rank in your niche.

Evidence-based web copy is an approach to writing copy for the internet that takes relevant market data, competitor intelligence and the current SEO landscape into account. In other words, the latest available research is used to inform and enhance the copy for the competitive internet arena.

Content is delivered via email or Google Drive (for larger clients) in a zipped folder, which contains Microsoft Word documents.

If you are not happy with your content, every effort will be made to amend it according to our 2 edits policy. If after two rounds of edits, you are still unhappy with your content – a reduced final payment can be negotiated, at my discretion. No refunds will be made on commissioned work. Please review samples and order a test post or page if you are not sure if our styles will match.

If you have done this, and still find fault with the copy for whatever reason – clients must accept that the time, effort and reviews/revamps have still consumed time, which is non-refundable. We urge all clients to be sure that they like our style before ordering large content volumes.

No. Once ordered and created, content cannot be cancelled and we do not issue refunds for any reason. Refunds will not be given if – after all of these considerations (proper review, test orders, strategy alignment, correct tone, grammar and fulfilment of SEO mandate) – the content is still deemed unacceptable.

Our rewrite policy gives our valued clients the ability to review and suggest changes to any piece of web content (in writing, clearly and not via phone communication) so that it can be streamlined to best suit your brand purposes, ideas and style. A total of 2 paid edits are covered in each order. Anything beyond 2 edits will cost an additional editing fee.

Two rewrites are included with each piece of content, should you need them. Anything beyond 2, is charged at an additional editing cost. Please note that clients need to use ‘track changes’ for all rewrites so that instructions are clear, and focused on the right content segment.

Copyhog.com operates in South Africa (GMT+2).

You can order content from here.

The 30% upfront deposit is non-negotiable, and is used to secure schedule space. Deadlines cannot be guaranteed if the schedule space is not reserved with this deposit. Due to the nature of scheduling, dates are assigned and strict deadlines kept for each project, for effective workflow.

You can, at any time, cancel a project – however all content that has been created for you is considered complete and must be paid for. In the case of strategy intensive content like e-courses and e-books, a research fee may apply in this instance to cover creation time.

On completion of final payment, all content copyright belongs to you. Copyhog.com does reserve the right to use small pieces of your content as work samples, unless you expressly ask us not to.

Our web content costs can be found here.

Copyhog.com accepts all major credit cards, direct EFT payments, Paypal and Payoneer payments from domestic and international clients.

If you’d like to talk to me about featuring in a magazine article/podcast/Youtube video or perhaps trading blog posts, I’m always interested in making new friends. As long as our goals align!

No. At no time does Copyhog.com market the content we create. All content promotion and marketing must be assigned to your digital marketing team. We are a creation service only.

Want to guest post on copyhog.com? Pitch me a title, an angle and tell me who you are and why you want to post here, and I’ll get back to you. Check out if your content would go well on my blog here.