Meet Chris. He’s a blogger, speaker, author and social media powerhouse. For the past 16 years, he’s been giving businesses advice on marketing and he teaches people how to get the results they want with minimal effort and zero nonsense.

Here are some of the things that have made the online business world sit up and take notice of Chris:

1. Chris Brogan’s blog, at is ranked as the world’s #4 marketing blog on AdAge’s Power 150 list. The list has spoken.
2. He’s made the New York Times bestseller list. Again list. Spoken.
3. He’s on the advisory board for Hubspot and IZEA. Hubspot is like business porn.
4. He has more than 16 years of experience in business telecommunications, and has been blogging since 1998. 1998! That was Bill Clinton’s special cigar year!

Were there even blogs back then? Sure there were! They were called journals, though.

Human Business

The term ‘human business’ was coined by Chris Brogan, and is the core concept behind Human Business Works, his own company. So, what is all this human business guff about?

Chris Brogan Human Business Works

The Company Chris Created – Winning!

Human business is about doing business via what Chris calls the “human digital channel” – blogs, social media, mobile marketing, experience marketing, affiliate marketing and other tools that involve human relationships and communication.

Human Business Works must be doing something right, because it’s worked with major companies like Ford, Microsoft, Pepsico, Sony, and GM.

Trust Agents

Trust Agents

New York Times List BAM!

The other great notch in Chris Brogan’s belt is Trust Agents, a book he co-authored with Julien Smith, a brilliant speaker and blogger in his own right.

The book is about earning trust relationships with customers, and turning that trust into a powerful force for business. Chris used the book to reiterate and explain his strategy of using human channels, such as social media and other online tools, to build real trust relationships with customers.

The dust jacket of Trust Agents bears endorsements from big names like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and John Jantsch, and has earned Chris and Julien a spot on the bestseller lists of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Once again, it seems he’s doing something very, very right. He’s a social media Midas.


Today, Chris flies around the globe speaking at conferences, meeting with clients and running Human Business Works, but he’s still doing a great deal of the thing that got him where he is: writing.

Many other people in his position simply wouldn’t make the time for writing anymore, and may have dropped or delegated this responsibility by now – but Chris is still blogging on several times a week.

If that makes you feel bad about not having enough time to blog once a week, consider that he doesn’t just write for his own blog, either – he also writes for SUCCESS magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, the American Express OPENForum, and churns out a steady stream of book reviews.

Chris Brogan

Just your average social media superstar

For all of his success, Chris Brogan still manages to come across as a regular, down-to-earth kinda guy who just happens to have a lot of brilliant ideas to share. And as if he was in need of any more cred, he also plays in a band.

We heart Chris. <3 <3 <3